May 23, 2024

Practicing today with the DJI Mini SE. Still getting used to the touchy handling of these mini drones. I have been flying older drones for some time and the technology in these mini drones is amazing.

Now i can spend more time flying and less time messing with the drone to get it to fly. I did start the morning out on the wrong foot by not stopping the video recording from the mini se before turning it off, sooo the video wasnt closed out. So i had to redo the flight.

After that I forgot to remove the gimbel cover so had to land and remove it but, after i got that little mini in the sky it was amazing how well it flys. The biggest problem i had was the sensitivity of the controler. I panned way to fast and as you can see didnt stick the landing.

The video was clear and crisp and and the drone handled awesome. Looking forward to getting used to flying this little mini.